OUR stories, Thoughts and reflections of 2017

Word of the year

This year, we've each chosen a word to serve as a theme for the year rather than a list of resolutions.

Jenn - 

My word of the year is Charge.

To me, charge means heading headfirst into something with purpose and courage. More importantly, it’s a verb.

It means the opposite what I’ve been feeling in recent months. It’s weird. I’ve felt this undirected – possibly misdirected - frustration with the world lately.  Hard to pinpoint to any one event - just this general sense of tiredness and disappointment with how things have turned out?

People talk of 2016 as this terrible, tragedy-ridden year, which is unfortunate but also unsettling in that it’s a widely accepted mindset. Because that’s something of a mindset I would’ve expected something individuals say to each other behind closed doors, not the entire world to proclaim to the rest of the world.

Luckily, every year we have this tradition of redoing ourselves, starting over, beginning anew whatever you prefer to call it. It’s optimistic, perhaps overly so. It’s also one of the best of examples of unwavering human spirit and hope.

The other aspect is this whole journaling thing. SO much has changed this past year in the grand scheme of life (graduation, moving, starting a job, etc.) and I honestly couldn’t tell you what I did last weekend. I’d like to document some of that. We’d like to, I should say.

If any of our friends would like to join along, we’d love that! It’ll be fun.

Tony - 

Courage is my word for 2017.

Last year, I picked focus, which meant spending more time on the few things that really interested me, and to do them consistently throughout the year. I started choosing a word every year because in 2016, after I graduated, I realized post-graduate life had countless paths (unlike school) and one could easily become lost in all of it without focus.

In retrospect, I think it served me well, and helped me think through areas that need adjustment for 2017.

This upcoming year, I want to take more risks and step outside of my comfort zone to take on new challenges to continue to learn and grow. I’ve already taken the first step toward this by writing here and am excited for the year to come.

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