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Is there something in between slacktivism and half real activism?

That’s the category I currently fit snugly in.

The worst is being around people that don’t give a real shit about anything. But then who am I to criticize? At least I care? But am I doing anything?

Literally had this exact complaint all the time during college – how you can not give a rat’s ass about anything at all that’s been going on?? Probably my biggest complaint is when people hate conflict and avoid it like the plague. And when it comes to things like current events and politics, we can’t change anything anyway, so why even try?

Maybe some are just born with the rare gift of being insulated and worrying about their circle of control. Or, they’re blessed with the ability to ignore anything that doesn’t directly affect them in that very moment in the present. Whatever it might be, I don’t have it.

I also don’t have the temperament to work full time in something like non-profits or activism or community organizing (god bless those souls) so I’m stuck in this in between where I get all emotional and angry about what’s been going on and am not in a daily position to channel it into my “work.”

Not going to lie, my participation is almost always partially for the cause and partially because I need to feel like/prove I am trying to do something.

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