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On the ban

To those who said it wouldn’t happen. Um what now.

On Friday night I literally had a repeat episode of that one week following the election when I couldn’t move and felt useless and depressed. If depression as a syndrome involves experiencing occasional bouts of sadness that come out of nowhere and not being able to move for hours on end, definitely experienced mild bouts of it.

Skimming the headlines in the days leading up to the ban and then coming home Friday night and actually absorbing what had happened in good old DC hit like a brick. I came home to an empty apartment and couldn’t even rationalize it out by talking with another human being. Instead I make a up a fake work excuse to ditch dinner with a friend and came home and sulked.

That Saturday, (see post: "Chinese new year")

On Sunday, we participated in 10 Actions in 100 Days and mailed out Hear Our Voice postcards as directed by the Women’s March organizers.

Ironically, I've come to appreciate the clearly right wing posts that on rare occasion would pop up on Facebook. I think I found them comforting because they were proof that people could support the Trump policies and be decent moral people and not the complete degenerates leftist thinking easily makes them out to be.

They also worry me a lot, because if someone could grow up in Troy and be exposed to that much multiculturalism and STILL throw support behind something as heartbreaking as the banning of an entire religion making blatant racism of entire skin tones….just no words. Any hope of people on the other side, much less people like me getting through and connecting and understanding each other on a base human level pretty much down the drain.

Still not normal

Chinese new year