About a month ago, I left my job as a data scientist at Remind to join Eastlink Capital. Now, instead of walking 30 minutes to work, I'm taking the Caltrain down the Peninsula to the familiar Palo Alto where I went to school and walking a few minutes from the station across a small creek separating Palo Alto and Menlo Park.

Don’t know how I missed the Berkeley news from yesterday but that was surprising to say the least and shocking. It’s strange going on the UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens page and watching them construct candlelight vigils for their Amazon store or whatever while also wondering what it’d be like to be there for when things turned violent.

Being Chinese-American means going to Chinatown with all the other tourists on Chinese New Year while all the actual Chinese people have closed down their shops and are at home with families cooking up a feast.

A first timer's account of CES, otherwise known as the Consumer Electronics Show otherwise known as the most eccentric crowd you'll ever find yourself with on a trip to Las Vegas.